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Broken Arrow


Geen capo
Intro: Am F C Em
This time he’s gonna wear an iron suit 
This time she’s gonna fix her heart and make it bullet proof 
He says he’s gonna take a bite from the forbidden fruit 
She says never never bite more than you can chew 

I’m yours


Capo op 5
F   G   (x3)
F               G             F
You touch these tired eyes of mine
           G                F
And map my face out line by line
            G                 C      B7
And somehow growing old feels fine Lees verder… »



Capo op 3
F  G  Am  C x2
F G Am C Dm G
F                G           Am              C
Can’t swim so I took a boat, to an island so remote
F           G              Am          C
Only Johnny Depp has ever been to it before
F                       G                Am                   C
I stayed there till the air was clear I was bored and out of tears Lees verder… »

How ya doin

Capo op 1
E           D      G                   C
Hey, how ya doin’? Sorry you can’t get through
Why don’t you leave your 
E             D         G               C
name and your number? I will get back to you (ooh)
E            D                 G                  C
Ain’t got no time for what you think can be described as love
E             D                  G                 C
I’ve cut your hold on me, you’re missing me, I’ve had enough Lees verder… »

Put your records on

Capo op 2
G                   D
Three little birds, sat on my window.
C                                    G
And they told me I don’t need to worry.
G                        D
Summer came like cinnamon. So sweet,
C                                   G
Little girls double-dutch on the concrete.
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