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Is It Any Wonder | Keane


F#m                        G
I, I always thought that I knew
I'd always have the right to Lees verder... »

Sorry | Kensington


Tip: Je kunt het Csus2 akkoord als barré akkoord spelen (x35533).


Em G D Am 
Em G D

Em               G                 D
Sorry for the road that I won’t take
           Am                Em
For the words that I won’t say Lees verder... »

Have You Ever Seen The Rain | Creedence Clearwater Revival


c-b-akkoord  am-g-akkoord


Am    F/C    C    G    C      


Someone told me long ago Lees verder... »

Wind Of Change | Scorpions



F  Dm  F  Dm*  Am*  G*  C


C                Dm
 I follow the Moskva Lees verder... »

Somethings got a hold on me



No capo


Oh oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah
                                                                  D7 (ring)
I get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no no
                                          G7 (ring)
And I just gotta tell you right now that I
I believe, I really do believe that Lees verder… »
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