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Free Fallin’ | John Mayer


Capo op 5

(Verse 1)
        C    F
She's a good girl
F C       G
Loves her momma
      C F        F C    G
loves jesus and america too Lees verder... »

Try Hard | 5 seconds of summer


Capo op 4

[Intro: G, D, Em, C]

[Verse 1]
She's dropping out of school cause she don't need the grade,
The colors in her hair don't seem to fade,
Em                                    C
I get dressed up when I go out, but she gets dressed down
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Valerie | Amy Winehouse


Capo op 3

     C                                                  Dm
Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water
      C                                                                    Dm
And I think of all the things, what you're doing and in my head I paint a picture
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Mind is blown | Mainstreet


Ik dacht dat ik wist wat echte liefde was. A E F#m E Maar toen ik jou zag staan was ik compleet van slag. A E F#m E Oh je bent zo mooi,It's hard to believe A E F#m E Ja mn hart klopt sneller when you look at me. Lees verder... »

Let it go | Demi Lovato (van FROZEN)



Let it go
Let it go
      Em               C
Can’t hold you back anymore Lees verder... »
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