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Never Change | Picture This


Capo op 2

D Cadd9 G
Em C
G                     D
There's a thousand things,
I've wanted to say, Lees verder... »

Drew Barrymore | SZA


Capo op 3

C Am G
C  Am  G
C  Am  G
[Verse 1]
             C                  Am          G
Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?

You came with your new friends Lees verder... »

One Another | Mac DeMarco


Bb F C C7
Bmaj7 Ebmaj7 Gm Eb7
F     Bb  C  (x3)
(Mac throws in F7 and F6 also for the four beats of the F chord)

[Verse 1]
    F        Bb          C             F
Hey kid,     everybody's prone to some mistakes
  Bb                    C                     F
If you'd always kept it straight, you'd never learn Lees verder... »

Inspired | Miley Cyrus

G Am7 Bm C
Em A B

[Verse 1]
G                           Am7
I'm writing down my dreams, all I'd like to see
Bm                      C                     Am7
Starting with the bees, or else they're gonna die Lees verder... »

Good Times | All Time Low

Em C G Am
Em C G

     Em                   C
On a fault line late night Lees verder... »
Pagina 3 van 16712345...Laatste »