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Wasted | Kasabian


Capo op 4

Am C Dm
E7 E F
Am C Dm E7

[Verse 1]
Am        C          Dm           E7
Summer is here once again so I'm told
         Am          C        Dm      E7
But you won't catch me in my shorts Lees verder... »

Your Song | Rita Ora


Capo op 1

Am F C G

Am   F C  F C  G Am

[Verse 1]

                  Am               F       C                    F         C    G Am
I woke up with a fear this morning, but I can taste you on the tip of my tongue
          Am             F           C                      F           C   G Am
Alarm without no warning, you're by my side and we've got smoke in our lungs Lees verder... »

The Way You Used To Do Tab | Queens of the Stone Age


Tuning – D G D G B d (Open G)


D|------------------------------| (Guitar 1)
 Lees verder... »

Never Change | Picture This


Capo op 2

D Cadd9 G
Em C
G                     D
There's a thousand things,
I've wanted to say, Lees verder... »

Drew Barrymore | SZA


Capo op 3

C Am G
C  Am  G
C  Am  G
[Verse 1]
             C                  Am          G
Why is it so hard to accept the party is over?

You came with your new friends Lees verder... »
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