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We Can Hurt Together | Sia


Am Dm F C

[Verse 1]
You say you are fine
          F    Am
but I see behind, behind those eyes Lees verder... »

Helium | Sia


C#m B
A   E   A    E

[Verse 1]
A                               E
I'm trying but I keep falling down
A                            B
I cry out but nothing comes now Lees verder... »

The Greatest | Sia


Capo op 3

[Verse 1]

Am       F                               C       G
   Uh-oh, running out of breath, but I Oh, I, I got stamina
Am        F                            C            G
   Uh-oh, running now, I close my eyes Well, oh, I got stamina Lees verder... »

Elastic Heart | Sia


Capo op 2


D   A   E   F#m

[Verse 1]

D           A                     E
     And another one bites the dust
F#m                          D
Oh why can I not conquer love? Lees verder... »

Cheap Thrills | Sia


Capo op 2

Verse 1:
Em                        C
Come on, come on, turn the radio on
    G                  D
It's Friday night and I won't be long  Lees verder... »
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