Ordinary love | U2

Capo op 4
Intro : Am Em G D (x3)
Verse 1:
Am                   Em
The sea wants to kiss the golden shore
G                       D
The sunlight warms your skin
Am               Em
All the beauty that’s been lost before
G                  D
Wants to find us again
Verse 2:
Am            Em
I can’t fight you anymore
G                     D
It’s you I’m fighting for
Am             Em
The sea throws rock together
    Am             D
But time leaves us polished stones
Am       Em
We can’t fall any further
G           D
If we can’t feel ordinary love
Am        Em
We cannot reach any higher
G           D
If we can’t deal with ordinary love
Bridge : Am Em G D (x2)
Verse 3:
Am        Em
Birds fly high in the summer sky
G               D
And rest on the breeze
Am                 Em
The same wind will take care of you and
G                         D
I will build our house in the trees
Verse 4:
Am            Em
Your heart is on my sleeve
G                        D
Did you put there with a magic marker
Am                Em
For years I would believe
G                        D
That the world couldn’t wash it away
Solo : Am Em G D (x2)
(kind of) Verse 5:
Am     Em
Are we tough enough
G   D
For ordinary love
Solo : Am Em G D (x2)
Chorus (x2)
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